Forget Me Not PowerPoint Slides

Talk Outline:

The small flower, the Forget Me Not, does not draw immediate attention.

  • Has a rich color
  • German legend of its name

It represents principles we should not forget.

  • Forget not to be patient with yourself. Strengths and weaknesses are part of mortality; don’t punish yourself.  Be thankful for the successes.
  • Forget not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice.  “Am I committing my time to the things that matter most?”
  • Forget not to be happy.  We shouldn’t wait for the “Golden Ticket” (Willy Wonka); treasure the everyday moments.
  • Forget not the “why of the gospel.”   We see the gospel as a long list of tasks.  Remember the gospel is a pathway leading to happiness and peach….it is a light that penetrates mortality and illuminates the way before us.
  • Forget not that the Lord loves you.  He loves you because you are His child, and His love can dress wounds and heal any hurt.
  • This flower is inspiring and sublime.  It can be a symbol of things that make our lives joyful and sweet.
  • Summary of points and testimony.

This talk, Forget Me Not, was given by President Uchtdorf at a General Relief Society Meeting addressing women.  With this in mind, I wanted the slides to appeal to women, so I tried to keep the delicate flowers on each slide. I also felt that the overall message of “Forget not….” would be carried through by having the consistency of the flower.  I sketched a storyboard of the slides, which is included in the photo below. As I began making the PowerPoint slides,  I couldn’t find appealing images to keep as a whole, so I cut images out to use as single points on the slides.  I chose a color scheme which centered around the blue flower, but had to find a neutral background to place them on.  After adding my font and then choosing the size and color to draw the images in, I then drew in a teal colored squiggle line as a repeating design element.  The first and last slides have full images. In order to share the slides I then uploaded the PDF version to

storyboard 8 slides

Critique Report:  I appreciate the helpful critiques and suggestions that were given.  Courtney and Bonnie both commented on the need of consistency in my font color and style.  (Facebook on Oct. 20 and 21 respectively)  I played with various sizes and colors and Sister Peterson helped me to finalize my decision on the font style.  By choosing to go with the brown and teal combination, I then had to do more contrasting on the first and last slides so that the font could be read easily.  The brown and teal font colors seem to pull the background and other colors together.

Link to the Talk: Forget Me Not by President Uchtdorf

Fonts:   Arial, Bold and regular (Sans Serif)

Color Scheme:  Analogous–blue,teal, green

Links to ImagesField of flowers, wooden hourglass, golden ticket, Forget me not flowersbasket of flowers, lantern, clock, flower heart, neutral background


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